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on 118, we're hearing only one lane of traffic is getting by. please use caution and expect delays in the area. a wide view of the area and show you that other places checking out ok. especially 270. no incidents or accidents here. notice the yellow. we have a good amount of volume from 80 to 109. let's move it over to the maps again. this time, we're going to zero in on our outer loop north of the district. tracking that trip from route one college park all the way to 270, looks like outside, more drivers hit the pavement between new hampshire avenue over to georgia. we're also tracking your travel times. good morning, virginia. 66 headed eastbound. no incidents. looks like from the fairfax county parkway, an 11 minute drive is getting longer. 13 minutes on the inner loop. on the toll road itself, no problems approaching the capital beltway. mike, we'll see the toll road in real time at 6:12. >> sounds good, angie. at the top of the hour, let's get to some of the stories happening today. prince george's county executive baker will deliver his state of the economy address. he is tr
of fog. most of us enjoying clear to partly cloudy skies. comfortable readings. mike was commenting early how mild it was this morning. it is 52 degrees here in washington. with partly cloudy skies. we'll be dropping a little bit. dipping in a little bit or dripping if you want. 50 degrees for the 9:00 hour. a few more clouds later on this afternoon. midday temps in the 50s. we'll top off in the lower 60s. showers well west and southwest of town this morning. expecting them to stay away from washington and your readings range from the 40s, even 30s in pennsylvania, still 60 in fredericksburg. 61 in culpepper. highs today will be in the lower 60s in d.c. mid-60s south and southwest. angie? >> good morning. not too much going on which is why we kick the 6:00 hour with keeping on that green light. taking a look at the outer loop, want to let you know that disabled vehicle at 29 colesville road is out of here. you have all of your lanes back around new hampshire avenue. 395 headed northbound, we're tracking a little bit of a slow ride as we take a look at our live cameras past duke street, th
consequences. dire consequences, i don't think any of us, republican or democrat alike would like to see happen here in the state of wisconsin. >> now, many of the protestors who had been inside the state capital for two weeks are out now. police stopped letting new people in and moved those inside to a lower level. >>> an albanian man living elliely in -- illegally in silver spring will spend five years behind bars. he made threats of terror attacks on the white house, treasury and the metro. prosecutors say he was angry about the u.s. involvement in the kosovo conflict more than a decade ago. he's lived in the u.s. for 27 years. he pleaded guilty to visa fraud not to terrorism charges. >> later this morning, city crews are expected to level an abandoned home which collapsed in southeast. the home, 28th street southeast near naylor road, it was in such bad shape it simply just caved in. firefighters comb through the rubble with search dogs and some infrared cameras looking for anyone who may have been trapped. luckily, no one was there. >> we should learn the identities of two drunk drivers in
. >> joel brown has more on the handover and the effort to stop gadhafi. >> the u.s. starts handing over control of the military operation in libya to nato today. in the past two days, the u.s. stepped up its assault on the country launching 22 cruise missiles at weapon storage sites around tripoli. >> gadhafi knows exactly what he needs to do to stop the constant bombardment he's under. >> representatives from more than 40 countries attending a summit in london led by secretary of state hillary clinton agree there's only one solution that libyan leader moammar gat gadhafi step down. >> he has lost the legitimacy to lead. we believe he must go. we're working with the international community to try to achieve that outcome. >> president obama is trying to decide whether the u.s. should provide weapons to the rebel forces, a tough choice given the testimony of nato's top commander to congress about who the rebels are. >> we have seen flickers in the intelligence of potential al- qaeda, hezbollah. >> the president says the elements are just a small fraction of the opposition forces. >> most
showers in west virginia. so, that's why the scattered showers will be with us through the morning. and a quick look at doppler, you notice some of that toward dickerson and approaching urbana and tuscarora. over toward culpepper approaching fredericksburg and strasburg, virginia, this is where we're seeing the majority of the showers right now. we're 41. 30s to the north. highs again struggle to get into the upper 40s. angie is here now with timesaver traffic. >> good thursday morning, everybody. thank you very much, howard. kicking off the 6:00 hour, the yellow traffic light stays on because we have a few problems to keep an eye out for. this is a new one in falls church, virginia. southbound gallows road, all lanes are closed at route 50 following a head-on collision. you're going to want to avoid this area. meanwhile, we want to show you 9news now video taken earlier. this is the inner loop in maryland. the ramp to route 50 headed eastbound. that ramp right there remains shut down. this accident happened around 1:00 this morning involving a tractor trailer that ran into a guard
. use duke street as the alternate there. zooming on into maryland's 270s, taking it outside right now building a lot of congestion. also tracking the travel times in virginia -- mike, in the next traffic report at 6:12. the latest on the inner loop accident at old georgetown. back to you. >>> at the top of the hour, the story that are happening today. president obama welcomes president of mexico to the white house, felipe calderon is expected to urge president obama to crackdown on illegal drug use here in the united states. calderon says that's exactly what's fueling the drug cars in his country -- wars in his country. >>> today, maryland lawmakers take up a proposal to add a 10% tax to alcohol. but many restaurants and bar owners oppose it. >>> today the aclu is going to announce it is launching a campaign against those rand. bag searches on metro. it calls the program constitutionally suspect and wants metro to stop them immediately. also today the issue of security for metro riders is back in the spotlight. >> members of the guardian angels will be out this morning. their presence
. >> it will keep our yellow light on. hello, everybody. thank you for joining us early. i do begin with better news. getting word the accident out in cooksville headed westbound at route 97 on 70 headed westbound, it has cleared. finally, some better news out that way. meanwhile, we want to move it over to the germantown area. we still have ridge road closed in both directions between "morningstar" drive and brink road. you'll want to use morningstar. that will get you back on to ridge and be your best alternate. the scene of two earlier accidents, we're getting word of icy conditions around this exit at 124 and also on interstate 370 so please, please, use caution. watch the speeds this morning. outer loop in maryland, the congestion is building between new hampshire avenue and georgia avenue. we don't have any incidents or accidents to report on the beltway north of the district. 95 in virginia, we're tracking your delay building between the prince william parkway over to route one and approaching the mixing bowl seeing drivers start to slow down. surae, coming up in my next traffic report at 6:
okay especially on 395 headed northbound. moving outside. looks like drivers using the brakes just a little bit past the duke street exit. still doing okay though. approaching seminary all the way to the 14th street bridge. as we take a look at the travel times, we begin in maryland -- still ahead, a look at 95 making that northbound trip in virginia. that's at 6:12. andrea? >>> at the top of the hour, a check on some of the stories happening today. president obama will yell oompa at the white house and host the ceremony that celebrates greek independence day. the war of greek independence began on this day in 1821. >>> he was the u.s. commerce secretary who died in a plane crash 15 years ago. the renaming ceremony starts at 10:00 this morning. >>> pedro martinez will be honored at the portrait gallery. a painting of him will be hung in the collection. it's a gift from a hall of fame writer. >>> a big sigh of relief this morning. >> the two were found about two hours ago and the man is a custody. >> surae chinn has been following the story all morning long. >> reporter: we just tal
important government in the world. >> the american people want us to get our fiscal house in order and this is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: in the end, the two week extension was voted and agreed upon. the senate is expected to pass it today. mike? >> surae, now the federal workers in our area don't want to be without a paycheck, but there's a new poll showing most americans don't think a shutdown is actually that bad of an idea. >> reporter: yes, mike, these numbers could be surprising and give some insight into what americans are thinking about the federal budget. take a look at this. this is from the rasmussen poll and it finds 58% of likely u.s. voters would rather have a partial shutdown than have government spending stay at last year's levels while 33% would want congress to avoid a shutdown by keeping spending the same. but under 50% of those polled believe a shutdown would be bad for the economy and just 25% think it would be good economically. a mixed bag here depending on if you are touched directly by a government shutdown if that were to occur. mike? >> t
was identified just on the street near capitol hill which is where she used to work. and you know, luckily, identification was made. they approached her and things went from there. >> any other last thoughts about how you're doing and how you're feeling. i know you'll get some rest. i know you're feeling pretty good at this point. >> exhausted but elated. i want to thank people i've never met before in washington, d.c. for their concern and for their help. >> reporter: emily's husband talking on the phone with me earlier today. it has been an emotional roller coaster but it is the best ending possible. emily will be checked out by doctors later today but she had no physical injuries. andrea? >> all right, surae chinn live with the good news on the finding of this woman. >> two murders in four days. now, the residents of olney, maryland, are fearful police aren't doing all they can to protect citizens. over the weekend, an 81-year- old man was found dead on his home on olney mill road. on monday, another man was shot and killed in a drive by shooting a short distance away. neighbors think p
brown reports, that doesn't mean there isn't u.s. involvement on the ground. >> cia operatives are reportedly on the ground in libya. the intelligence agency sent in small teams earlier this month. some helped rescue an american crew member after this f-15 fighter jet crashed. what the cia is doing now isn't exactly clear. besides gathering information on rebel forces, "the new york times" reports they're helping direct air strikes. so far, no decision has been made on whether to arm the opposition but the u.s., france and britain are all considering it. >> it may not have to be the united states. there's good reason to think that some european special forces could do comparably well. >> rebel troops lost more ground wednesday after forces loyal to leader moammar gadhafi successfully recaptured a key oil city. despite gadhafi's military advances, his foreign minister reportedly defected to london and resigned. the first major blow to the regime's inner circle. today, both the house and the senate will hold another set of hearings about libya. yesterday, lawmakers got the chance
'm sure some of you are wondering who beat us. what city had more congested roadways than we do? we'll let you know coming up in half an hour at 6:30. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. i think i have a pretty good guess considering i'm from that region. we'll see you in a little bit. >> reporter: there you go. >> this morning on our facebook page, we're asking you which roads do you avoid at all costs or are there ones you still have to take and you dread every moment of it? leave us your comments at and we'll read them at 6:30. >>> even the rise in gas prices probably won't have too big of an impact on our traffic congestion. >> with the unrest in libya, the prices just keep going up and today is no different. >> these numbers are out from aaa in the last hour. regular grade in the d.c. metro area now goes for $3.51 a gallon. that's a penny more than yesterday and a jump of 41 cents in the last month. aaa spokesman lon anderson says it is about the fast rising price of crude oil. >> the retail price still has to move to catch up with $105 to go up more. the question i
they're in the 30s, for us, the mix of clouds and sun and upper 30s by 9:00. 1:00 p.m., mid 40s now. southeast winds about 10 to 15. most of the day. that will be dancing in and out of the clouds. 49 at 3:00, our high today around 50 and for 5:00, 48 degrees. unfortunately for the weekend, rain chances go up. see some of the clouds that have been moving in and any rain has been far out of the west in ohio and kentucky, just sneaking one or two showers in pennsylvania and your temperatures this morning, 27 in gaithersburg, winchester is 30 and andrews has come up from 25 to 26. it's 6:00 a.m. hello angie. >>> hello hello, happy to report we are kicking off the 6:00 hour with the green light again. and that's because we have our accidents and incidents clearing in the area. we do want to tell you about one that's carried over from alexandria yesterday. we have ha water main break that has edsall road closed between south picket and van dorn. use duke street to get around it. a wide view of the area if we can, please excuse the minor glitch in the graphic there. just take the live shot
>> angie was doing jazzercise. anything to keep warm. >>> thank you for joining us now. we hope you're warm at 6:00 a.m., i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. angie will be back in a moment. howard has your weather first. >>> it will be a cold one, dry today, dry tomorrow. wednesday looks cold and nasty and raw and maybe, maybe a little snow north and west in the mountains. your day planner, 32,000. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. we'll see clouds with us maybe more on than off. sunshine returns. driving home, temps in the upper 40s with highs near 50. the clouds are off to the south. they've been moving toward us, they're south and southwest of washington. southwestern virginia is where we have areas of snow with even a little rain. right now 32 in washington with 25 in hagerstown and 35 in annapolis. >>> good morning, it has been a busy monday morning. right now we are still keeping that yellow light on because we've added some new problems to you. reston, in the virginia area sunrise valley drive we're hearing it is shut down due to crash activity. use caution out there. meanwh
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14